Why Food Garnishes Play a Significant Role

If you have ever eaten at a restaurant, you will have probably noticed a garnish on your plate. This is usually thought of as something decorative to brighten up a plate or make a dish more attractive to eat. However, there are some other purposes of food garnishes on a meal.

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We have already mentioned that garnishes may exist to make a dish more appealing, and this is very true. The presentation of a dish is very important, as we would not want to eat something that didn’t look good. The addition of a garnish may add a pop of colour to an otherwise plain-looking dish. It may also draw your eyes to a dish, enhancing your eating experience and ensuring that you have something beautiful to look at before you smell or taste your food – a multi-sensory encounter. According to the Independent Online, using edible flowers is going to become extremely popular next year due to their taste and how stunning they look on a plate.

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One of the most obvious reasons to add a garnish to a dish is to enhance the flavour. Some garnishes such as lemon wedges or a herb will complement the flavour of a dish such as a plain fish. Experienced chefs will know which flavours go well together and use them to improve upon the taste of the dish.

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Some dishes consist of small amounts of rich food, which means that a plate may look quite empty or plain. Garnishes can be used in this case to fill empty space, making the dish look appealing and full. This is a trick often used when serving desserts, as a swirl of sauce or coulis not only adds to the taste of the treat but makes the portion on the plate look generous.

If you are eating a multi-course meal, or perhaps from a self-serve restaurant, it can sometimes be difficult to tell whether a dish is sweet or savoury, especially when looking at soups and sauces. The addition of a sprig of herbs, an attractive slice of fruit or a sprinkle of croutons can help a diner decide what choice to make.