Getting Started With Your Bar Design

Making the decision to install a bar, whether it’s in a restaurant or a home, means there is a lot to consider. There’s the location, the style, the seating, electricity and water supplies and lighting, to say nothing of the cost. Where to start? Here are some ideas.


Perhaps the most unglamorous part of any bar-design project is setting the budget; yet it can be the most important and can also help with every aspect of design. Many may consider a budget more of a hindrance than a help. However, once a budget has been set it forces attention to be turned to finding a balance of spending within that budget. By allocating parts of the budget to specific areas – for example building materials, lighting, seating and equipment – the budget can help reduce the overwhelming amount of choice that is on the market in every area of bar design and construction.

The end result

It is essential that the creator of any bar tries to visualise the end result. This will encompass what the bar will look like, the atmosphere it will create and how it will work. While this may seem a tall order it will pay off as there will be an overall vision to work towards. This vision can drive everything from initial design to construction and final touches.

Fit for purpose

Any bar needs to be capable of delivering what it is intended to do and that is to serve drinks to people in an efficient way in a place where they can relax and enjoy them. It doesn’t matter whether the bar is in a home environment or commercial premises, the same applies. People serving drinks need to be able to move and access the required ingredients quickly and those receiving them need to be able to sit comfortably in a relaxing environment. This needs to be considered at every step of design, from equipment and its placement to seating and lighting. Safety must also be addressed and incorporated into the overall design.

Fitting it together

The overall design of the bar and its equipment and accessories should all fit together in a way that is not only functional but also looks and feels good. This doesn’t mean spending a fortune or using everything available. Carefully choosing style, theme and even colours to match and compliment each other as well as the environment in which the bar sits will help to do the job.

Get help

Sometimes the number of different issues to address in pulling together a design and seeing it through to completion can prove too much. And when the bar is for a commercial enterprise such as a restaurant it will need to be spot on to succeed. There is help available for consultation and beyond from such specialist companies as  Dawnvale . Getting professional help can also save time and money.