About Aspen Sushi restaurant

At present, the restaurant business remains to be one of the top most profitable businesses in the business sector. It is mainly because people are always remains addicted to something in the world thus there are some people who wish to taste different foods and remains foodie. For those foodie people always search for best restaurants to have awesome foods. On other people also think that being a foodie would help them to learn culture and food style of different regions. In general restaurants will have maximum customer only if they are attractive enough and they serve tasty foods. Each region would have special restaurants where customers would rush out the shop this mainly because of their best service. Likewise matsuhisa Aspen sushi restaurant is one of the best restaurants in the Aspen. Moreover it is one of the oldest restaurants which is started in 1998 and located in the 120 years old street Victorian house that too in downtown Aspen.

The restaurant is so famous especially for its structure the first Aspen sushi restaurant is located outside of Beverly Hills.  Where in downstairs people can find a complete dining room along with a walnut cocktail sushi bar which covers half of the room length. The entire room ceiling is wrapped with bamboo and in upstairs both indoor and outdoor casual seating settings are arranged.

Interesting features of Aspen sushi restaurant:

The Aspen Sushi restaurant is not only famous for sushi bars or for infrastructure its main secrets lies behind tasty dishes which showcased by Chef Nobu. The most famous Chef Nobu’s signature dishes like Black Cod Miso, yellowtail sashimi along with Jalapeno and White fish Tiradito. Apart from this chef Nobu has trained in Tokyo and several famous dishes of Peru, Argentina and many other countries adds specialty to Aspen Sushi restaurant. Apart from this the sushi restaurant has several other facilities also which are listed below.

  • The sushi restaurants is well spaced which in turn is used for private parties and functions.
  • There are totally three private function spaces Matsuhisa upstairs and sushi bar which holds seat up to 85, Matsuhisa private room with 50 seats up and two level matsuhisa restaurant where you would have 225 seats up.
  • In Matsuhisa Aspen you can also make reservation for a table starting from 1 seat till 12 seats. The reservation would be available from 6.00 pm to 10.00 pm in a day.
  • In case the desired reservation timing is prior than 6.00 pm then customers should directly call to the restaurant and book for table personally.
  • As a beneficial action the sushi restaurant offers gift cards to the customer who demands for it. You can purchase them in online and use them when you need even you can also check the gift card balance in online.

Apart from all features Aspen sushi restaurants is famous for dinner specials such as special cold dishes, special hot dishes, salads, entrees, noodles & soup, tempera and desserts. Along with these special dishes you would also have shakes & wine and cocktail & beer lists.